Annie & Jonathan-Decatur, Ga| Atlanta Wedding Photography

A little six months ago, I got a call from Annie that she was interested in our services as her and her fiancé Jonathan's big day. We both were not really sure where would be a good middle ground for the two of us as she lived in Clarkston and I at the time was still living in Grayson. We decided on this Coffee shop of the high way that sat on a lake where you could look out and enjoy your cup of coffee with a view.

I sat there that evening waiting for a little bit and getting everything ready. I brought up my Adobe Lightroom Catalog, sat out my Albums, and waited. Once she arrived we got to know each other a little bit more, I elaborated on who we were as "The Photo Collective," how we approach weddings, and how we will make sure her wedding day will forever be remembered. 

Flash forward a few months, and after an unfortunate Rain delay of a month, Grant and I met Annie and her Fiancé Jonathon down in Decatur, Ga on a Wednesday evening  for their engagement photos!

These two are awesome, such loving, laid back, smart as can be and down to earth people! We met them at their humble abode first so that they could get some pictures of them with their two lovely little dogs, and then headed out to Decatur! Grant and I had a plan, Annie had sent us a pinterest of some photos that she saw for some ideas but ere not dead set on. So, we kind of just winged it. I was familiar with the Decatur Square so kind of had an idea of where would be some good places to take photos.

They'll be getting married on the river next year (not ON the river-but next to it!) and I can't wait for their big day of the 28th of May to come! Here are some of ours and their favorites!