Tim and Alice's Engagement Photos!

      So the last weekend in April, Bekah (our newest member of the collective) and I had the privilege to meet our next bride and groom up at Stone Mountain park early in the morning! Alice and Tim will be tying the knot in the middle of June! One of the first things that instantly drew me to this couple, I will not lie is that they love film photography and by film I mean actual film. One of the things we had discuss at the day of the consultation was photographing certain parts of the day in black and white film. I am so excited for that, we will also be adding a little bit of grain to the black and white digital photographs so that it gives a little bit of a film feel! Gah, just makes me giddy thinking about it with the fact that we can do that to the photographs! So excited, can you tell? HAHA!

But first, we must do engagement photographs! Of course! I love so many of the ones that we have taken, its hard to pick a favorite. But I won't lie, the teaser that I have posted below is definitely high up there on the list! Please check it out, and check back after june for an entry on their big day!