That Emotion In A Photo.

              Have you ever thought back to when you really had no idea what you wanted to do in life? Thinking about how in the world you actually wanted to get started with the career that you chose to do? You can bet some of those stories to where you are now are not really the most straight forward, cookie-cutter path. And you know-you know, my beginning is honestly a funny story. One that you would not think a photographer would tell as his beginning in this very fun albeit stressful (only at times!) rofession.

            I think back when I was a kid, well before I hit my teenage years. I was always smiling in pictures. Never had an issue with getting my picture take. Mom or dad would come up. I’d put a big smile on my face and then just yell “CHEESE!”. I was never one to shy away from the camera.

            Come the teenage years.  You would think with the way that I was when I was a young kid, I would be “cheesing” in every single picture. Honestly, I don’t know what happen. I guess it was the whole-“I hate my life, school sucks, I want to be rebellious” stage of my life. Man don’t we all know how productive that can be. Throughout those years, I would never smile. We would do family pictures or just pictures In general when we had people or family over and I was try my hardest to get away from taking the picture! So bad I know

            It wasn’t until the past few years, I guess when I started doing photography as a hobby and then profession, which I began to see the emotion in the pictures that I took. Because of this I began to smile and be happy to take pictures. Being a photographer; whether it be weddings, portraits, or anything else that I have the opportunity to photograph; has made me realize that those pictures are memories. These memories are ones that will last forever. Whether the emotion is good or bad, they will always be there to look back on and remember

            Grant and I's mission with the Photo Collective is to hopefully bring those memories  that you create to life every time you look at one of the images that we capture. We ant our craft and passion to bring a smile or evoke some type of emotion in you. Photographing you, your big day and your special moment, will be our honor.