In The Beginning

Back in the late part of Spring, Grant and I decided that we should bring our Idea's together on how we do wedding and engagement photography and create a Cooperative. In this cooperative, we would bring the best of both our companies, both Wheeltracks Photography and Norwood Photography. About 6 months of planning and figuring out what exactly we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. We decided on the name, the way we would present ourselves, and how we would go about covering each of the weddings and or the engagement sessions that we are nothing going to do with each other.   

Well it all came together on September 28th We decided to launch. Using a small backyard and outdoor wedding we shot together and gained many beautiful pictures and clips of video. You will see a slideshow/video that was put together for this wedding below. I ask you all keep a look out for all the amazing coverage we will continue to cover for sometime.