Tyler + Aleigha (Venetian Room, Atlanta) Atlanta,Ga

I had the pleasure of photographing Aleigha and Tyler a month ago on April 8th of this year. I had never shot at the venue that they had chosen and it was a pleasure to photograph them through out their big day. They were such a sweet couple and you could tell that they love each other dearly as the day and night went on. I also must say, for anyone who does weddings, the bridal sweet at the Venetian Room, VERY nice. Check out some of my favorites from the day below!

Brittany + Chris (Carl House) Atlanta Weddings

Brittany and Chris's wedding was a nice, small and fun wedding surrounded by many of their friends and family. I met them at the end of last year when we did an engagement session down in Sarenbe, Ga  which is a very small but relatively upscale community literally hidden away. I think the thing that finally sealed the deal to me when it came to me wanting to work with them, is that there dog that they brought to the engagement session to have pictures done with, was named Roger. My dogs name. 

Check out some of my favorites from this big day of their's


Chelsea and Jonathon

I have to say, I think this was one of the best wedding receptions that we have been to in a while. These two were very quirky and animated from the very beginning when I first met them, and then that followed through to the engagement session, and then to the wedding. I will have to say the whole family is just like the too. I got so many awesome images that day. Take a look!

Kaleigh and Pete

This couple, Kaleigh and Pete, was a couple who's engagement and wedding I photographed a few years ago. They had been wanting to get together with me for a few month and we decided on April as it would be a lot warmer but hen and all the green would be back on the trees. So we got together on a Thursday afternoon and snapped some great images. Blow are a few of my favorites!

Lindsay and Brian

I met these two back in the early part of 2015, out a Perimeter mall at the Starbucks, you know, the usual place to go meet up if you don't have an office. We talked to each other about everything for the engagement and wedding day. I can honestly say that after talking with them, taking their engagement photos and having the privilege to photograph their wedding, I gained two new friends.

Take a few minutes and see their pictures.

Austin and Andrea

I know, I should have posted this a lot earlier! Back in January to be exact, but I am so bad about keeping up with blogging. I need to get better!

So, Austin and Andrea, what a lovely couple. very down to earth laid back and faith driven. What a great day to bring in the new year, with getting married on January 1st! Grant and I drove up to Gainesville to hang out with the bride and groom while they were getting ready. After that, we drove about 30 minutes north to a nice little chapel up in the mountains in the City of Dahlonega, and then do a reception in the downtown square! Below are some of the images from that day.

A Tale of Two Weddings: Comparison of Western and Japanese Weddings

Editors Note:

So a while back, I was speaking with a  friend of mine about the wedding industry and various things that could be done to help SEO and what have you. We were discussing blog postings, and really just writing in general. During the conversation, I began to think of and idea. That Idea was that over time, I wanted to compare and contrast various types of weddings. With that said, I have decided to start  series that I will post specific compare and contrast blogs over the next few months, and maybe longer (of course they will be spaced out) that will describe Western style weddings vs other around the world.

With that said, I contacted my best friend Tim. I have known this guy for over 20 years. We lived in the same neighborhood growing up, same high schools, a lot of the same thing. Out of us and all of our friends we were the most "creative" of the bunch so the amount of things we have in common is very vast. Although, he did catch more of the travel bug and nomad mentality more then I did.   

Tim had lived in Japan for a little under 3 years, also traveling through out Asia-he is very versed in the culture and what goes on.  Tim has had the privilege of contributing to various publications and blogs in the Tokyo community. Being a DJ/Music producer and creating his own music promotion he gained a lot of notoriety. On top of this, he has also started a growing and successful night life photography blogs (www.tokyonightowl.com) that focuses on various after hours establishments and "cultural norms" in Tokyo through the evening. One that is a good source for people who are complete unfamiliar with Tokyo and what goes on. 

Below, you will find an article that he has written for us here at The Photo Collective in regard to Western weddings Vs. Japanese.


If given the choice, would you rather have a Japanese wedding or a Western wedding?

Not sure? Good. It’s a trick question.

 “Japanese weddings” are not what you might think. Your mind may gravitate towards kimonos, cherry blossoms, and temples, but surprisingly, this form of union has gradually been on the decline as the influence of Western culture and globalization has grown.


Traditional weddings of Japanese past were Shinto ceremonies; Shintoism being the indigenous religion of Japan. However, since the 1980s, Shinto traditional weddings have had began to decline in popularity. According to the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/08/world/asia/here-comes-the-japanese-bride-looking-very-western.html?_r=0 less than 25% of marriages take place in these types of ceremonies. 

So what gives? What’s the other 75%? 

Quite surprisingly, it’s none other than what many of us are well accustomed to: the Western Wedding.

Western Style Japanese Weddings (About 75% of new weddings and counting)

Despite less than 2% of the population identifying as Christian, the majority of Japanese weddings take place in a traditional chapel setting. The pastor or priest may be more for show than actual effect, but it still takes place in a church (or a place that looks like a church). 

The flow of the ceremony mirrors that of a traditional Protestant ceremony. One of the few differences being that the groom bows to the bride's father; and the bride’s father bows in return. 

The service itself even includes a mixture of English and Japanese. And after an exhange of vows (seiyaku) and rings; the traditional wedding kiss.

Outside of the Japanese language, and the absence of religious connotations, you may feel surprisingly at home in a Western style Japanese wedding. 

Traditional Shinto Japanese Weddings (About 25% of weddings)

3. Spaztakular on Flickr

What was once the staple of Japanese union is no longer. However, some families and couples still elect to partake in this beautiful, and culturally unique, form of union in Japan. This is the type of wedding most people think of when they hear “Japanese wedding,” as it’s specific to the culture.

Unlike Western style weddings, there is no “fake” pastor and the service is entirely in Japanese. The groom wears a hakama (a pleated pant-like garment) with a black kimono jacket as opposed to a tuxedo. The bride wears a white and embroidered silk kimono (called a shiromuku) with long sleeves, as opposed to a Western wedding gown.

Instead of a wedding kiss, sake (traditional Japanese rice wine) is exchanged. Blessings are bestowed on the sake and the final sips culminate with the recognition of marriage.

Photo Credit: Michael Hawkings  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/425519864762634847/

4. Michael Hawkings from Pinterest

Like the Western style Japanese ceremonies, gifts of money are also standard affairs for these ceremonies. However, one can also contribute more traditional Japanese gifts and get a few culture know-how points. Popular gifts at these ceremonies are konbu (a type of seaweed), white hemp (representing old age), and an ornate folding fan (source: The Knot https://www.theknot.com/content/japanese-wedding-traditions).

So what makes a “Japanese” wedding?

While the ceremonies may differ, what ties them together, outside of the common language, is the exchange of gifts. The standard for all guests (and family), regardless of the ceremony, is to give money to the bride and groom (as the couple pays for the wedding). An individual is expected to give at least 300 USD http://www.survivingnjapan.com/2010/06/how-much-money-to-give-at-japanese.html. Families should give 500 USD - 1000 USD. One would need to choose the weddings they attend wisely!

Both types of ceremonies have after parties as well, much like the Western counterparts, with a final afterparty culminating at a bar. After all the gifts, and the after parties, you may find yourself a bit low on cash. Especially if you’re the one getting married. But it’s all in good fun, and is always intended to happen just once in a lifetime.

So which style of Japanese wedding would you like to attend? A traditional Shinto wedding or a Western style one?

Annie & Jonathan-Decatur, Ga| Atlanta Wedding Photography

A little six months ago, I got a call from Annie that she was interested in our services as her and her fiancé Jonathan's big day. We both were not really sure where would be a good middle ground for the two of us as she lived in Clarkston and I at the time was still living in Grayson. We decided on this Coffee shop of the high way that sat on a lake where you could look out and enjoy your cup of coffee with a view.

I sat there that evening waiting for a little bit and getting everything ready. I brought up my Adobe Lightroom Catalog, sat out my Albums, and waited. Once she arrived we got to know each other a little bit more, I elaborated on who we were as "The Photo Collective," how we approach weddings, and how we will make sure her wedding day will forever be remembered. 

Flash forward a few months, and after an unfortunate Rain delay of a month, Grant and I met Annie and her Fiancé Jonathon down in Decatur, Ga on a Wednesday evening  for their engagement photos!

These two are awesome, such loving, laid back, smart as can be and down to earth people! We met them at their humble abode first so that they could get some pictures of them with their two lovely little dogs, and then headed out to Decatur! Grant and I had a plan, Annie had sent us a pinterest of some photos that she saw for some ideas but ere not dead set on. So, we kind of just winged it. I was familiar with the Decatur Square so kind of had an idea of where would be some good places to take photos.

They'll be getting married on the river next year (not ON the river-but next to it!) and I can't wait for their big day of the 28th of May to come! Here are some of ours and their favorites!



Travis and Caitilin

Tim and Alice's Engagement Photos!

      So the last weekend in April, Bekah (our newest member of the collective) and I had the privilege to meet our next bride and groom up at Stone Mountain park early in the morning! Alice and Tim will be tying the knot in the middle of June! One of the first things that instantly drew me to this couple, I will not lie is that they love film photography and by film I mean actual film. One of the things we had discuss at the day of the consultation was photographing certain parts of the day in black and white film. I am so excited for that, we will also be adding a little bit of grain to the black and white digital photographs so that it gives a little bit of a film feel! Gah, just makes me giddy thinking about it with the fact that we can do that to the photographs! So excited, can you tell? HAHA!

But first, we must do engagement photographs! Of course! I love so many of the ones that we have taken, its hard to pick a favorite. But I won't lie, the teaser that I have posted below is definitely high up there on the list! Please check it out, and check back after june for an entry on their big day!